LaRonde Projet in Situ

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Presented in association with ArtSpace, this unique exploration of the New Haven Armory utilized pre-recorded “audio accomplices” along with the participants own instincts and imagination to guide them in La Ronde.

Created by French choreographic duo Martin Chaput and Martial Chazallon – Projet In Situ: La Ronde presented at the Armory October 8 – 16. With the help of local volunteers and artists, including myself, Projet In Situ: La Ronde was a 90-minute experimental site-specific work that combines movement, technology, theatricality and sound with community involvement. In this unconventional performance experience, the audience “make the rounds” in a space rather than passively entering a theater. Using a smartphone, individual audience members are led by audio and text prompts on a choreographed journey through the New Haven Armory. The experience is designed to encourage each participant to investigate the spaces with a unique perspective.

My favorite track was from when I was in the old kitchen of the armory building in the city of New Haven, and I was describing what I saw and felt while in there. I have overwhelming thoughts of wartime, especially WWII and all the activity that went on inside the walls, soldiers leaving and returning, hence the song I sang rather spontaneously. Later, I had someone introduce themselves to me at the meet and greet that said “Oh, you were the voice in the kitchen!  I just loved that part, your voice was so intimate and there was so much emotion in it. I feel like I know you.” You can listen to an excerpt at the link here.

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Creators, choreographers and directors of La Ronde, Martin Chaput, Martial Chazallon and myself.