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Everything your company says and does is an extension of your brand. A carefully crafted message can provide a product or service instant recognition and credibility. So doesn’t it stand to reason that the voice of your brand speaks volumes about the value you place on your business? This voice literally tells others how you see yourself.

As a voice-over talent, I provide a range of styles to allow you the freedom to express your vision and brand message. By listening first, I come to understand the value you wish to convey to the audience and help to deliver a vocal that gets your message heard. It is this professional collaboration that ensures all the key elements and the story of your brand is clearly conveyed.

Music, songs and the spoken or written word have shaped and molded my soul. A spoken word or song can stir the imagination, encourage, comfort, bring on a smile or even happy tears. Reading aloud can boost productivity and help the audience understand even the most technical content through the nuances of pronunciation. Even reading to or with a child is quite exciting, as you witness the sphere of words opening up to them. Likewise, listening to music with others brings great enjoyment and can even inspire. For me, the ultimate satisfaction comes from performing music or the spoken word in a way that motivates and prompts action.

While the idea of earning a living with my voice is not without attraction, the idea of using my voice skills to bring value and a positive message to others is even more appealing. I truly appreciate the value of delivering your message and collective creative vision. I look forward to assisting you in the studio with all the project specialties you need.

“I knew it was you as soon as I heard you speak.”

“I will never forget your voice.”

“Your voice is like butter.”

"Your smooth, distinctive voice immediately engages the listener. You possess a professional capability to transcend all audio disciplines, from music to narration."

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